About Us

Passion & Skill

From the dream to reality.

After training in Puerto Rico and New York, and following valuable learning experiences with a Nonna in Italy, where prestigious chefs saw Natasha Garratón’s “magic hands for pasta”, Massa was born. Alongside her brother Gabriel, Natasha turned her passion and skill into a craft pasta kitchen, offering quality products both wholesale and retail.
Beyond Borders

This is how we started.

It all began in the cozy kitchen of their grandmother “Bubu”, where with the unconditional support of family and friends, they crafted pasta with love and dedication. Journeys in search of ingredients took them beyond the borders of the island, returning with suitcases full of flavor. Despite limitations, their determination drove them to produce more and better every day.
Making History

The taste of a dream come true.

Today, Massa takes pride in having its own space in San Juan, where tradition and innovation come together to create premium artisanal pasta. But they don’t stop there; they are making history by establishing a industrial pasta production factory in Puerto Rico.